I’ve been waiting for one of my guest blogs to show up on a website all day, but it’s still not posted, so I guess I’ll put up a link whenever it does show up. And if it never shows up, I’ll post it somewhere else. It’s a fun post, dang it! It deserves to be posted.

Anyway, enough of my belly aching. My other guest blog is posted. Thank you Cari Quinn for doing your part!

Ready to Rock? Interview with Olivia Cunning, Author of Rock Hard.

Come see what I’m up to today. As usual, it’s no good. And what does one do when her grandmother reads her book and doesn’t know what some of the words mean?

I’m currently finishing up Appetite for Seduction. It’s almost done… 🙂

There’s still time to enter the giveaway at Fiction Vixen’s. Top Ten Reasons Rock Stars Make Good Romance Heroes Ends 4/15.

And congrats to Heather for winning the autographed copy of Rock Hard at Among the Muses. I love it when my fans win autographed copies! YAY!

Folks waiting for their Sinners coffee mug prizes… I put them in the mail today.

Music maestro! This one is going on Rock Hard’s play list for sure.

I can totally imagine Sed singing this to Jessica. sigh…