Bring Your Fan and Ice Water to this Guest Post!

Today’s guest blog is at My Overstuffed Bookshelf.

Before I send you over there to ogle gorgeous men in various states of undress, I wanted to warn you that the blog owner is Trey’s number one fan. She made this graphic to prove it.

Isn’t it awesome! We all know how Trey feels about cherries. Thanks, Amy, for the cool graphic!

This puts me in the mood for some Joan Jett (yes, I know The Runaways did the original…). I LOVE Joan Jett. She kicks ass!

So here it is, the eye candy you’ve all been waiting for:

Building Sed Lionheart. It includes a giveaway, too! I spoil you!

Tomorrow, my blog hop post will go live. Be sure to visit all the blogs if you want to enter to win lots of prizes. Here on my blog, you can win:

Hugs and kisses from Sinners (and a steamy mug)…

You won’t want to miss it.

The blog hop post will be live on my blog until Monday, so have a great weekend!