Blog Hop with Sinners!

Welcome to Olivia Cunning’s Blog, hoppers!

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about my three favorite subjects: music, musicians, and sexy romance. Why? I write hot, very HOT, erotic romance novels about rock stars. My current series, Sinners on Tour, centers around the romantic and sexual exploits of the ultra-sexy rock band, Sinners.

They are purely fictional, but after you read about them, you’ll wish they weren’t.

Eventually, each member of the band will have his own book. Presently, the first two books are available.

The first book in the Sinners on Tour series is Backstage Pass. It’s about the lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair, who is a romantic at heart. He’s been short on inspiration and long on heartache recently and then human sexuality professor, Myrna Evans, comes into his life. The sex between them is explosive and Brian falls for Myrna fast and hard, but she’s not looking for a commitment. When she joins the band on tour to do a research project on Sinners’ groupies, her feelings for Brian deepen, until she can’t deny what’s in her heart any longer.

The second book in the series, Rock Hard, was released just two weeks ago. It features lead singer, Sed Lionheart, who was doing a poor job of nursing his broken heart in Backstage Pass. Sed was once engaged to Jessica Chase and he’s been pining away for her ever since she left two years ago. When they meet again, they can’t deny their continued attraction to each other, but Jessica refuses to get tangled up again with the man who broke her heart. At least, emotionally. Circumstances eventually show Jessica who Sed is on the inside and they stop butting heads and start working together to build a future based on love.

The next three books of the Sinners on Tour series will be released in the future. No release dates yet. I will have the epilogue to Backstage Pass, titled Appetite for Seduction, available soon. It features the wedding and wedding night (oh yeah) of Brian and Myrna. Look for it within the next couple of weeks.

And now for what you all came for. The prizes!

I’m giving away hugs and kisses from Sinners in a steamy coffee mug. Yes, I’m bribing you with chocolate in a limited edition mug! You can’t buy these, folks. There are only ten in existence. Two commenters will win a mug of chocolate kisses in a random drawing. I tend to put other surprises in the winners’ boxes, too, but I won’t say what. Then it wouldn’t be a surprise! To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question and leave a way for me to contact you (email addy or twitter username). This giveaway is open worldwide!

Question: Who’s your favorite member of a band: singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, kazoo-player, etc?
Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you if you win.

Here’s the list of everyone participating in the blog hop. If it works… (gah, wordpress, you keeeel me!)

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Sigh… I had to copy and paste the list because wordpress doesn’t accept java script. The links all work, but the numbering is a little off!
Be sure to visit all the blogs and enter to win FABULOUS prizes! And above all, have fun!
I’ll announce the winners and contact them on Monday, April 18! Good luck!