Wanna Get Wet with Trey?

I had a great day of writing, yesterday. I wrote about 3,000 words. I probably should have written more, but I got distracted by some things. I also line edited the first half of Appetite for Seduction and plan to finish that today. So I promised you an excerpt. Keep in mind that this is the first draft of Trey’s book. This scene might change drastically, or be completely eliminated from the final version. Enjoy!


“So you asked this guy, Seth, to be your body guard?” Trey asked.
Tori smiled at him. “Yeah, he’d do a good job. He’s very protective of me. Maybe a little too protective. He keeps scaring away my boyfriends.”
“Do you have a boyfriend now?”
She looked up him. “Do you think I’d let you kiss me if I had a boyfriend?”
There were plenty of women out there who’d let him kiss them with their boyfriends watching. “I don’t know you well enough to say.”
“I wouldn’t.”
He believed her.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.
“Do you think I’d get into a hot tub naked with you if I did?”
He laughed. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m not really the commitment type.”
“What type are you?”
“The just-looking-for-a-good-time type.”
“That’s too bad.”
His heart sank. He wasn’t sure why. Usually if someone wasn’t interested he just blew it off. He ducked his head and lifted his gaze to meet her eyes. “Maybe you could change my mind.”
She laughed. “Does that line actually work?”
He’d never thought to use it before. Probably because it would have complicated things. He didn’t typically like complications. He wasn’t sure what had changed since this morning to make him crave a few complications. As long as they involved Victoria Elliot. “That wasn’t a line,” he said.
“I’m not buying it, Mills.”
He leaned close to her ear and she stiffened. He waited until goose-bumps rose along her neck and shoulder before he spoke in his well-practiced seductive voice. “You know what you need?” She shivered and Trey leaned an inch closer so his warm breath would caress the damp skin just below her ear. “A hard, slow fuck against the wall.”
Her breath caught.
“That was a line,” he whispered into her ear.
She slapped at his shoulder. “Well, I would have fallen for that one.”
He leaned back and cocked an eyebrow at her. “You would have?”
“Yeah, because it’s true. That’s exactly what I need and you’re just the man to give it to me.”
His heart skipped a beat. He reached for her and she grabbed his head between her hands just before his lips met hers. She stared deeply into his eyes and then winked.
“That was a line,” she said and shoved him away.
He laughed and once he got started, he couldn’t stop. He collapsed against the back of the tub and covered both eyes with his wet hands. He might have found his match in this woman.
“Is it safe to join you?” Dare asked from the edge of the hot tub.
Trey was glad he’d had the decency to put on swim trunks.
“We’re just talking,” Tori said.
“You must be married or something,” Dare said to Tori.
“Trey’s moving slow today. Did he use his hard, slow fuck against a wall line?” Dare settled into the tub across from Trey.
Tori gasped in indignation.
“Apparently so.”
“Jackass,” Trey grumbled at his brother.
“You’re the jackass,” Tori said.
Trey shrugged. “What can I say? I like sex.”
Tori stared at him for a moment and then turned her attention to Dare. “Did everyone go home?”
Dare reached for the glass of cola he’d set beside the hot tub and took a sip. “Yeah. This is the first break we’ve had from touring in a while. We need some time apart.”
“Maybe I should go,” Tori said. “I wouldn’t want you to get sick of me.”
Dare met her eyes and held her gaze. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, Victoria.”
She flushed. Trey scowled. Dare didn’t need lines to attract women. He just had to sit there and give off Dare-a-mones.
“Did you want something to drink?” Dare asked Tori.
Damn it. Trey should have asked her that first.
“I am a little parched.”
“I’ll get it,” Trey offered. When he started to stand, Tori grabbed his thigh to keep him seated. His naked thigh.
His cock thickened in a surge of hot lust.
“You’re naked,” she reminded him.
Very aware of that now, thanks. And he would have been fine climbing out of the hot tub naked before she’d touched him. Now if he left the water, he’d embarrass himself in front of his brother. When she didn’t move her hand, he eased toward her. Wanting her to touch him, not just there, but everywhere.
“I’ve seen him naked before,” Dare said and took another sip of his coke. “Harold!” he yelled.
A moment later Dare’s servant/butler/whoever appeared beside the tub. “Did you need something, Mr. Mills?”
“I have guests.”
“Right.” Harold turned to Tori and Trey, the shine of the afternoon sun on his bald spot almost blinding as he bowed slightly. “Would you like a beverage? A snack? A cherry sucker?”
Trey nodded.
“What do you have?” Tori asked.
“Anything your heart desires,” Harold said.
“Sex on the beach?”
“Anywhere your heart desires,” Trey said.
Tori slid her hand further up Trey’s thigh and he stiffened.
“I should probably abstain,” she said. “I have to find the right bus home.”
Abstinence should not be a word in this woman’s vocabulary. Trey’s gaze lowered to the shadows of her dusty-pink nipples just beneath the surface of the water. He bit his lip so he didn’t start with the come-on lines again. Her fingertips stroked sensual trails up and down the inside of his thigh.
Oh God.
“Don’t worry about it. The driver can take you home in the limo,” Dare said.
“You have a limo?”
“The band has a limo,” Dare said, “so technically you have a limo, too.”
“No. Feckin’. Way.” Her hand squeezed Trey’s thigh and he almost leapt out of the water. “Did you hear that, Trey? I have a limo.”
Trey murmured in her ear. “We should go for a ride.”
“That would be fun. We could swing by work and I can quit. Or get fired. I don’t really care.”
“Why would they fire you?” Dare asked.
“Because I’m supposed to be there right now and I didn’t even call in to let them know I wasn’t coming in. Not very responsible of me.”
“So typically you’re a responsible person?” Trey asked.
“I’m wearing nothing but my panties in a hot tub with a pair of rock star brothers—one of them naked. Does that sound responsible to you?”
“I don’t have a problem with it,” Dare said and laughed.
Tori grinned. “I have a tendency to do what I want, when I want. Fuck the consequences.”
Trey leaned close and pressed his nose to the outer ridge of her ear as he spoke in his most seductive voice. “Can I be the consequences?”

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