Two Chances to Win Rock Hard

The day job. It’s trying to kill me. Thus the reason why I’m posting my blog after 4 pm. As soon as I post this, I’m going to go do more work for my day job. End of the semester is killer.

Well, enough of my bitchin’ and complaining, there are two chances to win Rock Hard today and I haven’t even made it over to the posts to check on them.

*insert more bitching about the day job*

So here they are. Your two chances to win Rock Hard. Probably your LAST two chances to win Rock Hard. Better late than never, I suppose.

Review of Backstage Pass and chance to win an autographed copy of Rock Hard.

Guest Interview at Hanging with Bells. Two copies will be given away!

This is the last official stop on my blog tour! I’m exhausted. Did you have fun? I did.

After the day I’ve had, I definitely need a good song to remove me from a semi-catatonic state.

That’s better. I also think I need a rocker hottie to drool over.

Okay, all better now.

Well, maybe a nap in the hammock…