I’m Having a Fan-Frickin-Tastic Day, TYVFM

I missed blogging yesterday. I didn’t have anything to say. I guess I was saving it up for today! I’m uber excited!

First, I just found out that Backstage Pass is a finalist in RomCon’s Reader’s Crown. Okay, a DOUBLE finalist. Woohoo! I saw it on twitter, so I have no official link, but Backstage Pass is one of five finalists in the long erotic romance category AND the best first book category. Niiiiiice! As soon as I have a link or a graphic or something, I’ll post it.

Okay, and if that wasn’t good enough news, Rock Hard is up for Sizzling Book of the Month and NEEDS YOUR VOTES. Like today! Β If I win, I’ll post an excerpt of Jace’s book! So get voting. Like right now. The voting is only open for one day. The poll is in the right-hand margin. Here’s the link: Sizzling Hot Books

Yes, I’m bribing you. Did it work?

Also, my book-signing in Columbia, Missouri is next weekend. May 7th 2-4pm at Village Books. And yes, there will be swag given away. And a drawing to win one of those hawt Sinners coffee mugs. Hope to see you there. I’ll post more details soon!

Okay, I found the link for the Reader Crowns Finalists. Here it is! Announcing the 2011 Readers’ Crown Finalists