I’m Having a Fan-Frickin-Tastic Day, TYVFM

I missed blogging yesterday. I didn’t have anything to say. I guess I was saving it up for today! I’m uber excited!

First, I just found out that Backstage Pass is a finalist in RomCon’s Reader’s Crown. Okay, a DOUBLE finalist. Woohoo! I saw it on twitter, so I have no official link, but Backstage Pass is one of five finalists in the long erotic romance category AND the best first book category. Niiiiiice! As soon as I have a link or a graphic or something, I’ll post it.

Okay, and if that wasn’t good enough news, Rock Hard is up for Sizzling Book of the Month and NEEDS YOUR VOTES. Like today!  If I win, I’ll post an excerpt of Jace’s book! So get voting. Like right now. The voting is only open for one day. The poll is in the right-hand margin. Here’s the link: Sizzling Hot Books

Yes, I’m bribing you. Did it work?

Also, my book-signing in Columbia, Missouri is next weekend. May 7th 2-4pm at Village Books. And yes, there will be swag given away. And a drawing to win one of those hawt Sinners coffee mugs. Hope to see you there. I’ll post more details soon!

Okay, I found the link for the Reader Crowns Finalists. Here it is! Announcing the 2011 Readers’ Crown Finalists