Consolation Prize

Well, that didn’t go so well…

I lost.

But I’ll post this, because I love you anyway.

Call me a liar or a softy. Whatever.

From Jace’s book. The first draft.

No sex scene though. This is a consolation prize.


Loud voices woke Jace from a deep sleep. Someone was certainly having a good time. From the feminine pitch of one of the voices, it seemed one of those someones was Aggie. He rubbed his face with both hands, scrubbing the sleep from his eyes and searched the darkened room for some clothes. He stumbled as the bus rounded a corner and grabbed the edge of the dresser to prevent himself from falling.

A pair of shorts in place, he opened the bedroom door and headed for the bathroom. He could hear Aggie’s animated voice through the thin wall as he relieved himself.

“I mean this guy was huge, even bigger than Sed. I just snapped my whip at him, didn’t even him touch him, and he came down his leg. Then he started crying that his mother sold his teddy bear at a garage sale when he was eleven.”

The guys laughed uproariously.

“Is that what Jace does when you whip him?” Eric asked.

“Jace is on the opposite end of the spectrum. I beat the crap out of him and he doesn’t even flinch.”

Now why did she have to go and tell them that? He exited the bathroom and moved to stand by her shoulder at the dining table. Across the table, Trey offered an uncomfortable wave. Aggie glanced up at him, her eyes glassy and face slack. He supposed that explained why she was running off at the mouth.

“Jace!” she said, excitedly. “Did you have a good sleep?”

“Who can sleep with all this racket?”

“Oh, poor baby.” She climbed from the booth and hugged him enthusiastically, putting most of her weight on him as she stumbled. Her lips smacked loudly against his jaw.

Jace stiffened. Not in front of the guys, baby.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” she said.

“Maybe later.”

“Oh poo, you’re no fun.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Jus’ a little.” She pinched her fingers together and laughed, clinging to his neck with one arm for balance.

“She already drank Brian under the table,” Sed said. “I think I’m next.”

At the sound of his name, Brian lifted his head from the back of the booth. “Myrna?”

Trey chuckled. “No, stud, she’s still in Kansas City. Go back to your wet dream.”

Brian’s body went slack again, this time his head resting against Trey’s shoulder. Trey grinned like the Cheshire cat on Prozac.

“Sit,” Aggie insisted, shoving Jace into the booth.

And then…

She sat on his lap.

Jace chanced a glance at Trey, but he was too interested in Brian to tease him about Aggie’s attention. Trey didn’t even comment when Aggie starting toying with Jace’s hair affectionately.

Jace brushed her hand aside. “Don’t.”

She shrugged, dropped her hand and snuggled closer, her breath ticking his neck. “You smell good.”

“Do we need to leave you two alone?” Sed asked.

Jace’s face warmed instantly. “No.”

He nudged Aggie off his lap and went to the refrigerator. “I’m starving. What’s there to eat?” He looked back at the table, hoping he’d somehow missed the feast sitting there waiting for consumption. Nope. Just empties and half-empties and mostly-fulls. So they were back to living on a diet of beer. Wonderful.

“Whatever you cook,” Trey said. “Unless Aggie-”

“I’m female so I get cooking duty? Fuck that.”

“Not because you’re female,” Trey amended. “Because I’ve tasted the cooking of the rest of these guys, and let’s just say, it isn’t good.”

“You’re the worst cook of us all,” Brian murmured. He lifted his head from Trey’s shoulder, a concerned look on his face. “Trey?”

“Yeah, buddy?”

“Is that your hand or mine?”

“I think it’s yours.”

“M’kay.” Brian’s head hit the table in front of him with a loud thunk. He grunted in pain. Trey helped him upright, settling Brian’s head against his shoulder again. Brian had a spreading red spot in the center of her forehead now.

“I think Brian needs another beer,” Trey said, holding his hand out towards Jace.

Jace pulled a brown bottle from the refrigerator.

“Brian’s done.” Sed shook his head at Trey. “We all know what you’re trying to do, Trey.”

Brian poked Trey in the back of the hand repeatedly. “What are you try… hic… What are you trying to do, Trey?”

“I’m just making sure you’re having a good time.”

“I’m having a verygoodfuckingtime, my friend, thankyouverymuch.” His head hit the table again.


When Myrna’s away the boys will play. 😉