Rock Concert in Wichita – Part One – Before the Show and Bullet for My Valentine

Saturday I drove four hours through some of the most unexciting terrain in the nation for this:

Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was!

We checked into our hotel, The Hyatt. There were a couple of wedding parties getting their pictures taken at the water feature at the hotel.

We went walk about and found there is nothing much to see (except for a man laying in the street… we think he got hit by a car or cold cocked by a pimp… missed the excitement, but there were cops everywhere at the McDonalds looking for someone…). Anyway, it was windy and we stood outside waiting for the doors to open for-like-ever, but while we were walking around the arena, I snapped a shot of the tour buses.

Security wouldn’t let me get any closer than that. 😦 Even though it was mid-May, them temps were in the 50s and it was windy. We were freezing! Here’s my son looking cold and wind-blown.

Yes, he loves for me to take his picture. Thanks for asking.

Once inside the venue we were in the search for food. We found:

And had:

$24.00 for two people. GASP! At this point, my son is thrilled that I take pictures of everything, including him.

I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom at least. 🙂 Though I might have considered it…

We find our seats. We’re in the fifth row, but pretty far from the stage. We sit there for almost an hour munching on our chicken burrito wrap (yes, that’s what it’s called — kind of redundant “burrito” “wrap?”) and gaze at the stage set up.

Oh and we’re right in front of the FOH sound operator setup, but I’ve already research that for Sinners book 4. Tonight I’m researching concert showmanship. And I picked excellent subjects for my research.

The opening band (opening band!?) ) is Bullet For My Valentine. OMG, this concert is going to rock. I’ve rarely heard of the opening band at most concerts I go to, but BFMV is a fave. LOVE them. I didn’t record their entire set list. But I did get a couple of clips of the songs they performed that were my two favorites.

Your Betrayal

and Tears Don’t Fall

Unfortunately, they didn’t include my favorite song of theirs, All These Things I Hate. I was a tad bummed about that, but they rocked my face off (I think it’s still on the back of some guy’s Creed shirt), so I forgive them. And Matt Tuck is finer than frog hair, so there is no way I could ever hold a grudge against him.

Unless he cuts off that glorious hair. Then we will have words! Sorry, he’s blurry. 😦 He looked good. Trust me!

Go see them, you won’t be sorry.

So Bullet For My Valentine rocked my face off. Next up is Three Days Grace! I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I do like there music, but…

…to be continued…