Rock Concert in Wichita – Part Three – Avenged Sevenfold

Note: I changed most this post to links instead of embedded videos because it was such a huge blog it kept causing my computer to freeze. So if you want to watch the videos, click on the links and it will take you to them on youtube!

If you know me at all, you know Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite live band. If you’ve read my books you’re about to see where a lot of my inspiration came from. What self-respecting author of erotic romance (who writes about rock stars or tattooed bad boys) would NOT be inspired by these sexy beasts. I’m drooling already.

Um, where to start…

With me waiting for them. How about that. I asked my son to take a picture and it was still set on video capture mode. Ha! Olivia Cunning at Avenged Sevenfold Concert

It seems like a long wait when you’re waiting for Avenged Sevenfold to come on stage. And then when the lights go down and the crowd roars they have this five-minute intro to Nightmare with lightning and well, THIS: Intro to Nightmare

I wonder how many times that guy has been hung at the beginning of an Avenged Sevenfold concert. Or do they use a different dude each show. I remember the first time I saw that. I was shocked. This being the fourth time. Well, it’s still a bit disturbing.

I LOVE it!

And I love this band.

And you are majorly spoiled, because I have clips of their entire set list too. I’m mostly spoiling myself, but I’ll pretend it’s for you.

First song of Avenged Sevenfold’s set list: Nightmare

Second song: Critical Acclaim

Third song: Welcome to the Family

Fourth song: Almost Easy

Fifth song: Buried Alive (this is currently my FAVORITE A7X song. LOVE! ♥)

Sixth song: So Far Away  I need to say something about this song. A7X lost their drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, a couple of years ago and they always dedicate this song to the memory of The Rev. Last night they dedicated it to an A7X fan, who they had gone to meet in the hospital a couple of days before. The found out she died of cancer the night before and Shads said The Rev was up above ready to give her a big hug. So sad.

Seventh song: Afterlife

Eighth song: God Hates Us (M. Shadows made a comment about parents knowing that their kids were listening to this kind of music. My son and I exchanged amused glances. Um, yeah, I know.)

Ninth song: Bat Country

And because this is my favorite guitar solo of all time, Bat Country’s guitar solo. Synyster Gates has the most wicked fingers in existence and Zacky V can hold his own. *faints* Dueling guitar solos…. SOOOOO HOT!!!!

Tenth song: Unholy Confessions (I really love this song, but my memory card was almost full.)

So at this point they say goodnight, throw some guitar picks and drumsticks into the audience and head offstage. People start to leave. The lights are still down. Note to newbs, if the overhead arena lights are not on, the show ain’t over. There’s no fat lady to sing, but that’s your cue to hit the exit. The lights come on. Anyway, they were setting up the stage for their last two songs which use a grand piano.

Eleventh song (“encore 1”): Fiction

Twelfth song (“encore 2”): Save Me …and my memory card is TOTALLY full. I even deleted some stuff. SO this clip is like five seconds long. LOL!

Yep, panties completely melted off. This band gives one hell of an amazing live show. If you have any opportunity to go to an Avenged Sevenfold show, make several clones of yourself and take them all so you’ll be able to take it all in.


Now my only question is:

When can I see them again?!!