Rock Concert in Wichita – Part Two – Three Days Grace

Note: I changed most this post to links instead of embedded videos because it was such a huge blog it kept causing my computer to freeze. So if you want to watch the videos, click on the links and it will take you to them on youtube!

If you’ve been to a rock concert you know there is waiting between sets. So we’re still coming down from our Bullet For My Valentine high and waiting for Three Days Grace. I like Three Days Grace. I do. I have many of their songs on my iPod and several of them on various play lists for my novels. Their music really lends itself to Jace’s situation.

I’m not sure how they will be in concert though. Haven’t heard much about their live performances either way. Let’s just say I was completely blown away. THEY. WERE. AWESOME! Probably one of the top five best performances I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and I see a LOT of concerts. If you get the chance to see them, GO. NOW!!

Here’s their set list. Every single song they played was a hit. I love when I can sing along because I know all the songs. People around me don’t love it. I won’t be winning American Idol any time soon. Actually, I’d be one of those people at the auditions that everyone makes fun of. Do I care? No. I go to concerts to have fun. I couldn’t care less if you think my off-key renditions suck.

First song of Three Days Grace’s set list: Good Life

Second song: Break

Third song: Pain

Fourth song: I Hate Everything About You

Fifth song: World So Cold

Sixth song: Home

Seventh song (technically an Apocolyptica song): I Don’t Care

Eighth song: Never Too Late

Ninth Song: Riot

Tenth song: Animal I Have Become

During Animal I Have Become, Adam Gontier (the lead singer) got down in the audience and sang as he made his way around the periphery of the general admission pit. My camera battery chose that moment to die. Fortunately, I had more batteries with me, but un-freakin-fortunately, my camera kept shutting off while I was trying to capture the moment. GAH!

Look at you, all privileged with the entire set list of Three Days Grace in concert. You’re freakin’ spoiled, aren’t you? Now go buy their songs, attend their concerts and tell them Olivia Cunning approves and will soon be inspired to write more erotica thanks to their sexy selfs.

Le sigh….

and le droooool.

Next up, the main attraction. AVENGED SEVENFOLD! I have already seen them live five times. Will they still be able to melt off my panties with a single solo?

…to be continued…