Check Out My HAWT New Word Count Progress Widgets

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I’ve got something new.


Four Word Count Progress Widgets. Now you’ll know when I’ve been slacking off or slaving away at my various novels.

You might be wondering what some of those Works in Progress are.

The first one (in RED)  is pretty self-explanatory. The last book in the Sinners on Tour series. Double Time. That’s Trey’s book. I’m almost 1/3 finished with it. That one’s under contract. The rest of these are not.

The next one (in BLUE) is my series that will be most like the Sinners on Tour series. It’s a contemporary, erotic romance about a smokin’ hot rock band. Presently, the rock band is called Perilous Edge. I might change that later. I started writing the book yesterday and am already making great progress. Who knew that cutting a rock star’s hair could be so sexy? Woo! That image I posted yesterday of the legs, shoes, and hot guy? That’s the cover image for this book. The hero’s name is Ian McAllister. He’s the lead guitarist. The heroine’s name is Chelsea Snow and she’s a small town girl who owns her own beauty salon. Well, at the beginning of the book she does. Her life is about to make a major change!

The next one (in PURPLE), titled Seduced by Eternity, is a paranormal erotic romance about a club, rock band called Eternity who just happen to be vampires. Their sire is half succubus. It makes them a BIT on the horny side. I started it a few months ago, but the sex got soooo out of control that I took a break. I was in danger of spontaneous combustion from the heat coming off those vamps. Mercy. I’ll get back to it soon. The hero, Gregory is a total alpha male. The heroine, Katie, a freelance reporter trying to figure out why the band is so popular and break a story, is completely under his spell. And the vamps in the band share with each other. Just sayin’…

The last one (in GREEN) has no connection with music at all. In Time is a time travel erotic romance. The hero, Reece Jerhico, is a tattooed bad boy, but he’s not a musician. He’s a treasure hunter. Think Indiana Jones if he was actually hot. 😉 The heroine is a snarky, museum curator. They have an artifact that allows them to leap through time three days at a time. While they’re in the past, they share bodies with a couple (quantum leap style). It seems every couple they leap into are having relationship issues. They take it upon themselves to be personal relationship and sex coaches for these clueless couples. It’s the first of a series. So while Reece and Lara start to fall in love through the book, that love will keep growing in the sequels. This one is finished. I think I’ll make it available for purchase soon. Instead of having a different couple in each book, Reece and Lara will be in every book. The past couples will continually change though.

If you’d like a word count widget of your very own, you can make them here. Sara’s Word Meter (you have to be on Facebook to use it)

Okay, back to the writing!