Playing With Cover Art – In Time

I still need to do some clean up, but I’ve been playing with the cover for In Time and thought you might like to see it. Hopefully, the concept makes sense. They travel to Norway during the time of the Vikings and to medieval England in this book. The medallion thing at the top is what takes them through time. I put a “1” on the medallion because it’s the first volume. I should probably put “Lovers’ Leap” on the medallion because that’s the title of the series. The couple and medallion will stay the same on each book, but the background scenery will change. So here it is:

Now I just need to make it pretty-ful. I’m going to try playing with transparency, maybe some color, definitely different title fonts. I’ll play with it some more tomorrow. Now, it’s time to write. I have fun working on these. Especially looking at hot guy photos trying to find the right image. (Not very many females with curly hair to be found… That’s why I settled on this one.)