Final Cover – Loving on Borrowed Time

You know what? I’m done. And I’m happy with the final result.

Here is the FINAL cover for Loving on Borrowed Time. I’m not messing with it again. (Except to convert it to 72 dpi when I upload it onto Amazon.)

My original plan was to have this released tomorrow (June 1st). I’m working on a website update, which is turning into a massive restructuring that I wasn’t anticipating. Sinners aren’t the only thing on the table anymore and my website is designed around Sinners. I need to do a final edit run-through of this manuscript (because I’m anal that way) and come up with a fabulous blurb to lure readers into my web. I think (*fingers crossed*) that I have the manuscript formated properly to upload onto Smashwords – which will make it available for Nook and Sony and Apple, etc, and I need to add a few things to make it Kindle ready. I don’t think I can get that all done tonight, BUT I will have it available sometime this week. That’s a promise.

If you’re waiting for a paper copy, be patient. That’s an entirely different formatting issue and it will take me a couple of weeks to get that ready. But EBook versions are almost ready to go.

If you’re wondering, the price tag for the ebook will be $2.99. It’s a novella of about 42,000 words. That’s about half the length of a Sinners novel. The print version will be more than double that cost. I’m not sure how much it will end up being. Printing books is expensive, but I know some people still like to hold real books in their hands.

I have lots of fun plans for this series. I’ll explain it a little better in my next post. I just want to get this cover out in the world and call it finalized so I’ll quit spazzing out over every little detail. Spazzing out is bad for your complexion.

Back to updating the website! Good thing I work half-days in the summer and have 3-day weekends.