Yesterday Was Awesome!

There are days in your life that you think: I should circle this date on my calendar; I doubt I’ll ever top it.

I had a day like that yesterday. And today is looking pretty good, too.

Rock Hard has been selected (by who, I don’t know) to be part of a special promotion on Kindle and Nook. It’s currently on sale for $0.99 for the eBook version. Why would an author who spent over a year writing a book and editing it and editing it and editing it and rewriting it and editing it be happy that her book is so inexpensive?

It does this kind of thing to your Amazon rankings.

Yeah, top 40 overall. Top 5 in romance. Holy freakin’ cow! That’s amazing.

I sort of posted on my facebook page that if I cracked the top 100, I’d get a tattoo. My first ever tattoo. Looks like I’m going under the needle! That’s exciting, too!

So while I won’t be getting rich, this hopefully earns me a few new fans and a lot of notice. I’m especially liking the “notice” thing.

The second thing that made yesterday awesome was that I self-published a novella for the first time. It’s already available on Smashwords and I’m waiting for Amazon to review it and get it listed. Once all the pieces fall into place, it will be available virtually everywhere online and I even have plans to sell trade paperbacks (autographed for no extra cost), if you require a dead tree book.

I’m really excited about this novella series. Why? Because it is so different from anything out there. Not the writing. That’s just “regular” Olivia Cunning writing in there. Lots of humor, some smexy, and a fast-paced plot. The premise is a little unique. Who thinks that time travelers (more like quantum leapers) could make good sex coaches for the sexually challenged of the past? Probably just me. *grin* This is historical fiction for people with ADHD. Three days in a past locale is enough for me, thank you very much. I want indoor plumbing! The most exciting and unique thing about this series is that I plan to get you, my readers, involved in the story lines.

In book one, Loving on Borrowed Time , the hero (Reece = Brian plus Trey minus music) and the heroine (Lara = a strong, opinionated career woman) leap into Viking times and then medieval England. They spend three days in each location and share bodies with some locals. Have you seen the show Quantum Leap? It’s a time travelling system sort of like that, with my own personal spin. Anyway, these couples from the past have some relationship issues. Reece and Lara help them out. Mostly in the bedroom. As Reece says, “We’re traveling through time, fixing one fucked up relationship at a time.”

The main characters have their own romance and story line going on, too. So it’s basically three romances in one.

In book two, Twice Upon a Time, Reece and Lara visit a Turkish harem and feudal Japan (think samurai and ninjas). This one is actually almost finished, too. Maybe 3/4 complete. So I should be able to publish it by the end of summer.

In the third book (which I haven’t started yet), well, I don’t know where they’ll end up. That’s where you, the reader, come in. You have a say in where/when Reece and Lara leap next. I’ll take suggestions and have a poll (you know I love polls). I think this will be great fun! Have a thing for gladiators? Pirates? Native Americans? Flapper girls? Ancient Egypt? Highlanders? We can take this couple anywhen we want to take them. I can’t wait! That is why I decided to self-publish this. It’s so unique, there isn’t a publisher out there who will publish something like this. It might be an utter failure, but that’s okay. I love to think outside the box. I want to try new things and branch out into uncharted territories. Care to join me?