About that tattoo…

First off, Loving on Borrowed Time is now available on Amazon Kindle and on AllRomanceEbooks and it’s still on Smashwords. Yay!

I’ve been looking at tattoos on the internet, instead of writing. *bad author!* Well this morning, I did FINALLY finish the m/m/m scene in Trey’s book, which is probably too hot for public consumption. It’s 11,000 words, which is thirty pages long! *droooooool….*

Em, where was I?

Oh yes! Tattoo!

These are the ones I like so far. I’m looking for something to put near the top of my back in the middle. I think I like the tiger-eye butterfly with the flowers the best, but I’m not sure I like it enough to get it permanently etched on my skin. Maybe. I do like frogs. And cats of all sizes, especially cougars. And lilies. I looked a music tattoos but the ones on this site are all ugly or way too masculine.

You do have to click on the links to see them. It won’t let me copy/paste them. I like all of these a lot. I’m not sure if I looooooooooove any of them.

Tiger-eye butterfly with flowers

Frog with dragonfly

Butterfly eyes

Winged Frog

Frog on LilyΒ with abstract

Frog on Lily 2

Lion Abstract – I’m a leo. I think this one would go better on a limb instead of my back

Any thoughts?

Oh, and if you care… Rock Hard made it up to #24 on the Kindle best-sellers chart. My son says that means I need 3 tattoos. I think I’ll stick with the one for now. πŸ™‚