Lookie What I Have!

My proof copies for Loving on Borrowed Time came in the mail today.

I need to go through and search for errors in the text. My red pen is out and ready! As soon as I’ve made any corrections, I’ll have it available for sale.

In a couple of days, there will be a giveaway listed on Goodreads if you’d like to win one of my spare copies. I’ll post it on my website and make an announcement here when the contest goes live. It’s currently “pending”.

Speaking of contests on my website, if you haven’t notice it, there’s a “Summer Web Hunt” icon on my website’s homepage. If you participate in that contest (it’s a scavenger hunt) you can win autographed copies of my books, a Sinners T-shirt and over a hundred prizes from other authors too. The grand prize is a Kindle (or $140 Amazon gift card). It ends July 15th. Still plenty of time to enter! Head over to my website: www.oliviacunning.com and check it out.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a long weekend of writing planned. I need to catch up on that 60,000 words in June goal I set for myself. I’m starting to think that was a little too ambitious. 🙂 The month is 1/3 over, but I’m less than 1/5 to my goal.