What’s Up?

Just a couple of quick announcements, because it’s summer and I’m in writing mode. Who has time to blog when you’re writing sex scenes with Trey Mills in them? Not me! When I emerge from my heated, massage recliner (yes, that’s really where I write), it can be a little scary!

In Olivia Cunning news…


There are less than two days left in the $0.99 Rock Hard eBook promotion. I haven’t been promoting it much because seeing your book priced at $0.99 is not a good feeling (can we say bargain bin?), but I like a sale as much as the next girl. Grab yourself a copy or five before June 15th.

Amazon Kindle

B&N Nook

and I’m sure it’s elsewhere…


The Spanish rights for Backstage Pass have been sold! What does that mean? One of these days (no idea when), Backstage Pass will be translated into Spanish. Isn’t that cool? I wonder if they’ll change Sed’s name. Someone told me it means “thirsty” in Spanish. Seems appropriate! Can’t wait to see what they do with the cover. This is my first foreign rights sale, so I’m super excited.

I found out yesterday that Backstage Pass is a top 3 finalist (erotic romance category) in the MTM contest, which is sponsored by RWI. They choose a grand prize winner from the finalists on July 9th. Fingers crossed that Backstage Pass takes the top prize. I needs money! I enrolled the kid in college today. My checkbook is weeping over its great and tragic loss.

Speaking of contests. Backstage Pass is also a finalist for the Reader’s Crown at RomConInc. I already mentioned this, but the winners will be announced June 30th. I’m on pins and needles here waiting for the verdict. If I win, I’m going to RomCon in August. Anyone planning to attend?


WHY does it take so long for Smashwords to distribute to B&N, Sony, Apple, etc? SHEESH! Still waiting… sigh…

You can win a proof copy of Loving on Borrowed Time on Goodreads until June 24th. They will be autographed. Sorry, it’s only open to US and Canada. My postage budget is shot. One package to Germany costs *censored!!*. Really sorry, international folks. I do love you! It’s just… *see college tuition bill

If you’re waiting to purchase a trade paperback of Loving on Borrowed Time, they’ll be available on Amazon sometime next week for $7.99.  I’ll warn you, it’s a thin book. 175 pages. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking they’re going to get an encyclopedia volume.


Trey Mills is hot. That is all. This is what I’ve been picturing as I write about him.

Do you see why I’m writing so much? Em, yeah..


That’s the second book in the Lover’s Leap series. To be honest, I have not yet been working on it yet. Too busy making Trey happy. It’s next on my to-write list. I’m hoping to have it done and ready to publish by August. Of course, hope is a four-letter word.

In Olivia Downing (my other pen name) news…

I’ve been editing The Wolf Huntress. I’ve found a few weak spots that need revision, but it’s coming along nicely. Someone asked if it was as sexy as Sinners. In a word, no. That’s why it’s not an Olivia Cunning book. It’s romance, not erotic romance. You still get your tender, bad boy hero. And the attraction between the hero and heroine is still there. And the sex scenes are hot, just not quite as graphic. And they don’t hop into bed every fifteen pages. Maybe every thirty. If you’re lucky. 😉

Is that enough news? Do I sound busy? I am!

I’ll have a couple of guest blogs coming up soon which include giveaways. I’ll post when they’re available.

And because this song is stuck in my head… Sorry, in advance! If you’re feeling the early 70’s vibe this could so be on a Sinners’ playlist.