Coaster Adventures

Today marks the last day of my theme park adventure. I’m sunburned and have had more adrenaline pumping through my body in the past six days than the past six months combined! So I decided to make a list of the coasters I rode this week and rate them. I prefer smooth-riding, up and back coasters that go FAST and give me a lot of air time (where your butt rises up off the seat).

Kings Island Coasters (located outside of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Best at Kings Island: Diamond Back — LOVED! Fast, smooth, and plenty of airtime.

Firehawk — This is a flying coaster where you’re on your belly and hanging down from the car. I was so worried that my keys were going to fall out of my pocket that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. I did lose my favorite hair clip on this ride. It was great. Wish the line was shorter. I would have ridden it more than once.

Flight Deck — Meh…

Invertigo — Good. Someone barfed on the ride before we got on, so we had to wait 30 minutes for them to clean up the mess. By the time we got on we were overheated from standing in a hot line too long. Would have enjoyed it more had we not had to witness barf cleanage. It goes forward and twists upward, and then backwards around a U-shape before returning to the station.

The Beast — I needed a freaking chiropractor after this coaster. Very fast wooden coaster that jerks at odd angles. Had to buy my son some headache medicine afterwards. I’m not a huge fan of wooden roller coasters and this thing will shake the tar out of you. Will not ride it again. I hate this coaster. It’s not fun. It’s painful.

The Racer — Another wooden coaster, where two trains “race” on side-by-side tracks. This one is pretty tame. Not nearly as neck and spine-breaking as The Beast.

Did not ride: Flight of Fear (this is an indoor roller coaster and I had a bad experience on it 10 years ago–no repeat performances, thanks) & Vortex (it was broken down all three days we were there)

Cedar Point (located in Sandusky, Ohio)

The best of the best of the best (AWESOME TO THE MAX): Millennium Force — My son bought the T-shirt. Literally. This is hands down the best coaster I’ve ever been on. It’s like Diamond Back only higher, faster and more fun. I’d consider naming my next child after this coaster. (not that I’m having any more kids…)

Raptor — Suspended coaster (feet hanging free). Not bad. A bit rough on the neck alignment for a steel coaster. Not the worst I’ve ever been on, but not the best either.

Blue Streak — Wooden coaster. Average for a wooden coaster. Not too rough, which gets props from me.

Iron Dragon — Like Flight Deck only much less meh… you’re in an enclosed car, so if you’re not too into coasters, you can probably handle this one.

Mantis — A stand up coaster. Yes, you have this little bike seat between your legs and a harness over your head and you stand. Unfortunately the designers went for loops instead of hills. No air time. No air time at all. 😦 All the blood rushed to my feet. Weird feeling.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride — Small coaster. Not bad. Has a wooden frame but a steel track, so a fairly smooth ride.

Maverick — Oh my GAWD. I think my spleen is still on this coaster. It launches you twice! Twice! Crazy. And it whacks your head around between the shoulder rests like a ping-pong ball. Go on this if you like thrills. Not for the faint of heart or weak of spleen.

Mean Streak — I actually liked this wooden coaster. The trains go into the wooden structure so that you’re inside all the supports for part of the ride. I would not recommend for the claustrophobic, but I liked it.

Gemini — Another racing coaster. Has a couple of whiplash sections, but overall was fairly smooth. Wooden supports, metal track.

Magnum XL-200 — LOVED this one. Another steel up and back coaster. Lots of airtime. Fairly fast and smooth. I’d say this was my third favorite.

Top Thrill Dragster — 120 MPH. 90 degrees straight up. 90 degrees straight down. We need a video for this one so you can understand the extreme-quality of this coaster. And yes, I liked it. It was over so fast I didn’t have time to process what was happening.

Link to Top Thrill Dragster Video:

Corkscrew — Yep, it has lots of corkscrews. A lot of people love these disorienting coasters. I really prefer the up and back designs. So if you like to go upside down and round and round you’ll like this one. I thought it was okay…

Wicked Twister — This one was fun. It’s suspended with your feet hanging free. It shoots you forward, you go straight up and twist around the track, then get shot backwards, go straight up and twist around the track, then forward again. Five times all together, a bit higher with each launch.

Disaster Transport — A small coaster in the dark. Fun, but not extreme. Take the kids on this one. And… it’s air-conditioned.

So my top three were:

1. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

2. Diamond Back (Kings Island)

3. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)

I love coasters, but I’ve had my fill. 6 days of theme parks is enough, thank you very much. We went on a bunch of other rides, too, but I’ve bored you enough for one day.

A couple of other things.

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I’ve missed you all! I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled life on Friday.

Maybe I’ll get some writing done. My computer seems to be working okay now. As long as I don’t shut it all the way down or reboot it.