Rock Hard Nominated for Two Bookie Awards and About That Next Sinners’ Book…

I’m excited to report that Rock Hard has been nominated for two Bookie awards. Woot! The award is sponsored by Authors After Dark, which I must attend one of the years. I’ve heard great things about the conference from both readers and authors.

If you want to vote for Rock Hard or any of the other fabulous books, short stories, authors, and publishers up for the award, here’s a link:

Bookie Awards Ballet

Rock Hard is in the following two categories:

15. Erotic Romance Novel of the Year

51. Contemporary Novel of the Year

Another thing to report:

If you are in the U.S. or Canada and want to win an autographed copy of Rock Hard (or Backstage Pass, your choice), I currently have a giveaway on my latest guest blog post, where a few of Sinners’ groupies are interviewed. You can find it here: Sinners Groupie Interview!  The giveaway ends Sept 25.  Fun interview. Groupies crack me up.

And the best news for most of you:

My editor LOVED Trey’s book and it just needs a few, very small changes–shortening one sex scene which drags on for two chapters (ha ha ha! Me, write long sex scenes? Whatever are you talking about?). Even though Trey’s book is 5th in the series chronologically, it will be released as the 3rd book. Jace’s and Eric’s will be released at a later date out of sequence. I do not have the exact date of release for any of them yet. As soon as I do, I will make an announcement.

I can’t WAIT to see the cover they come up with for Trey’s book. I’m sure it will be smokin’ hot! The contents are even hotter. I have never envied a heroine as much as I envy Reagan.

Back to the rewrites. While Trey’s book has few, Jace’s has half a book that needs redone. I better get busy. 🙂