Double Time’s Release Date

We’ve waited patiently for this day. A release date for the 5th (erm, 3rd?) Sinners on Tour book.

Trey’s book, tentatively called Double Time will be released November 1, 2012.

I probably shouldn’t announce these things, because “Shit Happens” is my life’s motto, but everyone has been so patient (impatient?) with this entire process. Much more patient than I’ve been. 😉

The 3rd (erm, 4th) book–Jace’s–tentatively called Hot Ticket will be released Spring 2013. *crosses fingers and offers sacrifices to the “release gods”*

The 4th (erm, 5th) book–Eric’s–tentatively called Snared will be released Fall 2013.

Most things have been on hold recently as the hard drive of my almost new laptop crashed. I finally got it fixed yesterday. *insert standing ovation* Unfortunately getting a new hard drive means I have NO software. *head desk* So until I get my word processing program back (this week, I hope), there’s no writing, no editing, no publishing going on. There hasn’t been for a couple of weeks now. I never realized how much I relied on my laptop until it went kaput.

And for those of you who don’t like my fan page on Facebook, you’ve never seen the picture of the model who actually looks like my idea of Eric (sans the crazy hair and tattoos). So here. Eric Sticks.

The body, the face, the cleft chin and that noms iliac crest (have mercy!) are 100% Eric Sticks. I wonder if we can talk this guy into getting inked up for us. sigh….

See you soon!