Twice Upon a Time Chapter One Posted

My hard drive crashed. I’ve been unable to edit the files stored on it, which includes Twice Upon a Time. (And Jace’s and Eric’s books…) Quell horror!

Well, the hard drive has been replaced and I saved most of my files on a thumb drive, which I cannot find. I’m sure my cats have hidden it somewhere. It was on the coffee table the last time I saw it. I lost all my software in the hard drive crash, too, so had to repurchase MSOffice. Note to self: Hard drives are really important!

My computer has a new, blank hard drive, and though my speakers won’t work now (thanks to the “repair”), I can finally edit again. I found a copy of my files on an external hard drive–not the most recent ones (of course), but somewhat recent. I’m sure the missing thumb drive is under some random piece of furniture batted there by a naughty paw, but I’m not moving furniture.

Anyway, I promised this chapter a while back, but have been unable to deliver. Until now…

Chapter One of Twice Upon a Time

(Lovers’ Leap 2)

Does that mean the ebook will be available soon? Why, yes, yes it does. I still have one scene that is crap (yes, I recognize crap when I read it) and I’m sure homonyms are giving me trouble–they always do–so it needs more line editing, but now that I have a functional computer and actual files, I’m back in the game.

Coming VERY soon…