Demon Lovers Anthology – New Release!

Happy Friday! Are you ready for 13 tales about sex demons? I think you are.

My short story, Original Cyn, has been published as part of a 13-story anthology entitled Demon Lovers. Original Cyn is an erotic tale about a succubus, Cynthia, and Vincent, the vampire who claims her for eternity. This story takes place a few years before the novel I’m presently working on, Cyn’s Beast. Demon Lovers is currently available on the Ravenous Romance website and will be available on Amazon and at other online retailers soon. Check it out here: Demon Lovers.

They come for you in your sleep…

The Succubus, nocturnal seductress of men; the Incubus, the perfect male no woman can resist; enticing demon lovers who haunt your bedroom, slip into your fevered dreams and drag you into delicious sins of the flesh…

Demon Lovers is a fresh new collection of seductive, frightening, hilarious, adventurous, sumptuous, thrilling stories of succubae and incubi from today’s hottest and most exciting authors in paranormal erotica!

A girl with something extra finds her match in a mysterious carnival jack; in Victorian London, a celebrated singer with a secret plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a lover; girl sleuths at a finishing school must solve a series of deadly seductions before they are the next to succumb; a female UPS driver discovers that the most unlikely of prospects can lead to an unforgettable erotic encounter; to gain an ancient treasure lost to the Arabian Desert, a roguish archeologist in 1927 must gamble on surviving a seductive Moroccan she-demon! You can find these and many more hot paranormal tales in Demon Lovers!