Hottie Hump Day 8

Today we have a rock star offering suggested by Jennie. I think she’s a bit of a fan girl for this guy. Just a hunch. 😉

This is WiL Francis, lead singer and guitarist of the band Aiden.

Jennie sent me a bunch of pictures of him. This one is my personal favorite. Hmmm…. I wonder why.

There’s just something about a tattooed man in ropes. *thud*

And then we have the sweaty one… (Jennie took this one herself.)

Okay, one more.

Lovin’ those tats.

Since I’m not familiar with this band, I asked Jennie to send me a link to her favorite song by Aiden. I assumed she was the expert.

Very goth. Kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance.

And one for the road.

Thanks, Jennie, for sharing WiL and his music with us!