Hottie Hump Day 9

Here’s a hot musician I’m sure everyone knows. Allow us to bask in the hotness for a moment.

Are you done basking yet?

I’m not.

So I don’t really listen to Maroon 5. I did a bit around 10 years ago. A very tiny bit. Okay, I’ll be honest, I only know one of their songs. Just one. This one:

And I have seen this video once. The moves! The tats! *swoon!*

While I was looking through their videos, I stumbled on this:

First, what kind of psycho chick tries to kill a man that hot? Secondly, Adam… a girl kicked your ass. Do you need me to beat her up for you? I’ll do it. 🙂 The jump your bones “thing”, I get. The kick your ass “thing”? Not working for me.

If you need more Adam hotness, tune into The Voice on NBC. Fun show. But not metal. I want a metal band version of The Voice, with hot rock stars as the judges. Hey… A girl can dream.

This hottie brought to you by Tasha. The number 5. And the letter O Oh Oh Oh Oh Yes.