Someday I Might Stay Sober

Happy Monday! Two words that should never be used in tandem… Except when it’s Music Monday.

Brooke sent me a whole list of great songs. Thanks, Brooke! I can tell we have the same taste in music.

One of her recommendation was “Prove You Wrong” by Crossfade. SWEET! I love Crossfade.

Here’s another great song by Crossfade. This is “Cold”. I’m sure most of you have heard this one.

And one more, because I ♥ them. This happens to be my fave Crossfade song. “So Far Away”

Okay, I lied. I need four songs to get me through another Monday. “Killing Me Inside”. Hmmm… This one might be playlist material. We need some Crossfade on an official playlist.

Have a great week!