Would You Numb the Pain

It’s Music Monday again. Already. Arianna suggested this song for Jace’s playlist. It’s kind of scary how appropriate this song is for him. And uncanny how fans can pick up on so much about him from the little that’s been shared in the Sinners books so far. This is “Remember Everything” by one of my favorite bands, Five Finger Death Punch.

You know I can’t stop at one FFDP song. This next one would appropriate for an Exodus End playlist. Not sure which one. I haven’t finished writing those books yet. 🙂 This song is metal. Caution: May cause spontaneous head-banging.

This next one is my personal favorite song by this band. The riff, so gritty. The solo, so wailing. Kickin’ drum track. The growl-screaming interspersed with awesome vocals. Yeah, the recipe for my perfect song. The Bleeding.

I love this one, too. People, I can do this all day. Somebody needs to teach me a little self-control. Or not.

And if this video doesn’t make you cry, well, you’re not me. I sob. I’m an army brat. 15 years of my life were spent following my father from one army base to the next. So yeah, this video hits me hard. “Far From Home”.

Well, hell. Now I’m all depressed so we need to end on an upbeat song.

I’m not sure Five Finger Death Punch HAS any upbeat songs. How about a remake of an oldie but a goodie? “Bad Company”. Yeah, THAT ‘Bad Company’ song, which was originally performed by the band, um… Bad Company. You’d think it would be safe from a remake.

Thanks to Arianna for giving me an excuse to share one of my favorite bands on the blog.

Have a great Monday!