Hottie Hump Day 15

Naomi forwarded me an email to help me work out my kinks…

NOT that kind of kinks.

Well, maybe. The email was full of head-turning hotties, oriented so you had to tilt your head side to side to see each picture. While I could give your neck the workout mine got, I don’t want anyone to pull a muscle, so I’ll just share them all at once.

Parade of hotties. I was in a snarky mood when I wrote this. No offense to the hotties.

Hottie Number 15-1 – I’m trying to figure out what’s up with his camouflage-cape/football-pants ensemble. You’re right, you’re right. Ignore the clothes.

Hottie Number 15-2 Hmmmm… What’s down here? Three guesses.

Hottie Number 15-3 Tight, tightie whities. Very tight. I can see… things.

Hottie Number 15-4 I’m going to pretend this is Trey. He’s wearing a leather jacket with a belted speedo because…? Okay, WHO is dressing these models? That speedo has to go. Give me a sec.

Hottie Number 15-4.2 That’s better. Now I can pretend he’s Trey.

Hottie Number 15-5 This is what they mean by chiseled.

Hottie Number 15-6 Now at least this one has a reason to wear a speedo. He’s in the water.

I have to admit I’m partial to the brunettes. The blonds all look too pretty and clean. And not a tattoo in the bunch.

Sorry, guys, but I need my weekly bad ass, tattooed, hot rockstar fix.

Now I’m drooling. Thanks to Olivia (not me, a different one) for bringing me Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory.