I have about half a chapter left to write and the first draft of Try Me will be done. Woohoo! Maybe I’ll finish it today. The remaining part is a sex scene, so I’ll have to see if I’m properly “inspired” to write it. If I’m not in the right mood, they tend to be boring. Can’t have that. And once I finish this first draft, there will be rewrites and edits. Hopefully, those won’t be too intense and painful or take too long. Here’s a short excerpt. I hope there aren’t an abundance of typos!


from Try Me (Sole Regret #1)

Gabe leaned closer still. Her heart thundered in her chest. He lifted a hand to brush his fingers across her cheek.

“I’m going to kiss you in the near future,” he said.

She couldn’t drag her gaze from his. She’d never seen such green eyes. The contrast of those bright irises against his dark lashes was mesmerizing. “You are?”


“But I’m not attracted to guys like you.”

“Guys like me?”

“Guys with tattoos.”

“Hmm,” he murmured close to her ear. Her eyelids drifted closed. “What about guys with mohawks?”


He pushed his ball cap off, revealing the sides of his head were not only clean-shaven, but tattooed with black and red tribal patterns. The strip of hair down the center of his head was about an inch long and jet black. So not her type. Then why was her belly tightening with need and why were her panties uncomfortably damp?

“And I suppose you’d never be attracted to a guy with piercings.” His warm breath caressed her ear. She stifled a groan. Why was everything about him turning her on? She really wasn’t attracted to these bad-boy types.

“I have my navel pierced,” she blurted. One moment of recklessness on her twenty-first birthday.

“I don’t believe you.”

She lifted the hem of her top to show him the jewelry dangling from her navel. His breath caught and his fingers traced the slender belly chain around her waist. A pulse of pleasure converged between her thighs and she clenched her legs together to try to alleviate the building ache.

“God, that’s sexy.” His pinkie dipped beneath the waistband of her jeans as he traced the gold chain again. “What other secrets are you hiding, sweet Melanie?”

Melanie covered Gabe’s hand before he delved any deeper into her pants. “You have piercings?” she asked, staring up into his eyes. She didn’t see any in his ears or face. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t recognized that he was one of them. His clothes covered his body tattoos. His ball cap hid his unconventional hairstyle and the ink on his scalp. She’d let her guard down with him before she’d realized he was… weird. “Where?”

He took her hand and directed it to his chest. Her fingers brushed against a hard ridge in the area of his nipple.

“Oh,” she gasped.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said.

“So are you.”

He shifted forward and claimed her mouth in a plundering kiss. Her fingers curled into his chest. He tugged his mouth away and looked down at her. Her hand slid down his belly toward his hip.

“What’s your tattoo of?” she asked.

“Which one?”

“The one on your hip. You have others?”

He grinned. “I thought you didn’t like tattoos.”

She shook her head, her gaze moving to the design on the left side of his head. It looked like some sort of artistic dragon. Long slender body in black. Red fire spewing from its terrible mouth. “I don’t. I’m curious is all.”

“I’d be happy to show them to you. All of them. But not here.”


On a personal note, I will be out of town next week pursuing another dream of mine. I have a job interview. So if I’m scarce next week, you know why. I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity! As well as releasing Try Me very soon.