Finished! And a cover reveal.

ImageI finished the final draft of Try Me yesterday. It’s now off to the editor. As soon as my homicidal-homonyms, type-o’s and comma-traumas have been dealt with, it will be available for consumption. I’ll keep you posted. My editor is very busy (because she’s good at what she does), so it will be a couple weeks. Keep your panties on. Or not. I won’t judge.

I should probably come up with a blurb for Try Me while I’m waiting for the edits to be completed. Fiddle dee dee. I think about it tomorrow.

In the mean time, I’ll be working on the next one in the Sole Regret series, Take Me. This one will be about the vocalist, Shade. The man has some serious stamina.

And I’ve already made the cover. I do so enjoy making these covers. I find them inspiring even without the tattoos.


Still don’t know if I got the new job in Galveston. I need to be on the beach, dammit! Get me out of Nebraska!