Hottie Hump Day 21

Tasha sent me so many hotties, I don’t know what to do with myself.

We’ll start with back views.

I think this guy needs hours of CPR. Hours and hours of it. He’s drowning, isn’t he? I volunteer to rescue him!

I do love a nice backside. Next week, we’ll concentrate on the frontsides. I love those, too.

I found out yesterday that I got the job in Galveston. I start July 9th! I have a lot to get done. For one thing, I need to get my house ready to sell. GAH! Moving sucks. Beaches and dream jobs are worth it, though.

The editor I hired for “Try Me” started working on it yesterday. About a week earlier than expected. Yay! It will be available this month. I still don’t know the exact date.

And the second novella in the series “Take Me” is already about 1/5 done already. Sweet! I was hoping to release it in July, but with the impending move, I might have to delay it a bit. We’ll see.

Happy Hump Day! I’m having one of the best weeks of my life.