I Love You More and You Just Fake It

I heard this song on the radio the other day and fell instantly in love. This is called Criticize.

And what’s not to love about Adelitas Way? Here’s another great song by them. Invincible. (censored version…)

How about a ballad? Last Stand.

The woman in that video looks like how I picture Jessica Chase–Sed’s woman.

Speaking of look-a-likes… I’ve never actually seen the band Adelitas Way before. I’ve heard their songs but I’ve never watched them. Seeing how much they resemble the characters of the new Sole Regret series gave me chills. They honestly weren’t the inspiration, but the might as well have been.

Have a great Monday! With the upcoming move to Galveston, my life is in chaos right now. At least I have music to keep me grounded.

And rock stars.