Hottie Hump Day 24

Can someone please slow down this crazy merry-go-round I call life?

*brakes screech* Thank you, sir. And thank you Jennie for sending me this fine piece of inspiration. If you’re wondering what he’s looking at, I’ve seen the rated-XXX version of this photo and if I had that huge, hard thing in sight, I’d stare at it too. Trust Me. Hmmm. I was trying to think up a title for the fifth Sole Regret novella. Trust Me, it is.

Speaking of Sole Regret, if you didn’t hear, Try Me is now available. Here’s the announcement for Try Me’s release. As soon as this crazy merry-go-round slows down for more than the time it takes to ogle a tattooed hottie, I can get back to writing Take Me (#2 – Shade). Then we’ll have Tempt Me (#3 – Adam), Tie Me (#4 – Cuff), and Trust Me (#5 – Tags).  Then we’ll start over with Force and see what he’s up to in Austin for #6. *squirms*

Back to the carnival ride. *wheeeee!*