I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

I love Aerosmith. How can anyone who likes rock music NOT love Aerosmith?

So this past weekend while I was writing, Shade (lead singer of Sole Regret) starts singing this song to, erm, someone (no spoilers!) and damn if it didn’t turn me into a blubbering, teary mess.

There is just something about this song that makes me obnoxiously emotional. I even cried when it was played during the movie Armageddon. Sheesh! How embarrassing to cry during Armageddon… If/when you read Shade’s first story, you’ll hopefully see what had me so teary while I was writing that scene.

Shade also sings this next song to that same special someone. “Angel” I love this song! I’m not the only one who fantasizes about some hot rock singer serenading me, am I? I thought not.

I received my first memorable kiss to Angel on the dance floor at a junior high school “prom”. Yep, I remember the kiss and the song. And even the guy. We’ve been happily divorced for 17 years.

I should probably announce that I’m pulling a switch-a-roo on the next two Sole Regret books. Originally, I planned to release Take Me next. And it was a story about Shade and Nikki. I wrote about 1/5th of it and couldn’t take it anymore. Shade was fine, but the girl was driving me nuts! I couldn’t stand writing about her. (Plus, we know they don’t end up together. We’ve read Try Me–or I have–so what’s the point of reading their story? Sure, HOT sex, and an m/f/f menage, but no emotion between them.) Anyway, I deleted the ENTIRE story and decided to go with a different heroine. Different scenario. Different day. Take Me now will take place the day after Tempt Me, which is about Adam (the lead guitarist). Are you confused yet? All I’m doing is changing the order of novella 2 and 3.

New order:

Try Me #1 – Gabe/Force and Melanie (in Tulsa)

Tempt Me #2 – Adam and Madison (in Dallas)

Take Me #3 – Jacob/Shade and Amanda (in Austin) — no Nikki, I deleted her annoying ass

Is that more clear?

I’ve been writing Tempt Me and Take Me simultaneously so I’ll probably finish them at about the same time, but chronologically, Tempt Me now comes before Take Me. That’s why I’m changing the release order.

So… what’s your favorite Aerosmith song?