Hottie Hump Day 26

Debut erotic romance author, Raven Morris, wanted to share a few hotties this week. I figured, why not? So I’m handing over the reins

(and the saddle… and the riding crop… and the spurs… and the rope… and the ass-less chaps… and the… sorry, lost my train of thought) over to Raven this week. She is also sponsoring a giveaway. Enjoy! ~ Olivia

Now THIS is a reason to celebrate!

By Raven Morris

Hi everyone and thanks, Olivia, for allowing me to debut my new erotic short story series, Tied with a Bow by sharing my hotties on your Hottie Hump Day!

But this is pretty much the only sharing these guys are going to get, because the women do NOT want to share their fabulous birthday presents with anyone.

Yep, that’s what I said: birthday presents. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap something like this?

Imagine all the possibilities…

Birthday girls, Debra, Nicole, and Heather, not only imagine the possibilities, they get to act on them. These are gifts they’ll never forget.

Meet Jack:

He’s an attorney during working hours, but before and after? Jack is a very fun boy. He’s into some light bondage and, oh yeah, a threesome. Debra’s never done anything like that before, but when Jack brings an old buddy of his, all wrapped up in a bow tie and nothing else, to their bed, she’s more than willing to accept this gift.

Oh, and Jack isn’t all about work and no play during office hours. After all, that would make Jack a dull boy, and he’s definitely not.

Come get JACKED with Debra.

Meet Max:

Successful L.A. agent, Max knows how to handle his clients’ needs. Especially birthday girl, author Nicole Gennessey. Tonight is the premier of the movie made from her book and he wants to make it a night she’ll never forget—starting backstage where no one can see them.

Or can someone?

Does someone know what they’re doing in the wings? Is someone watching?

Nicole doesn’t care; tonight’s all about getting MAXED out.

Meet Rock:

Here’s Rock: Temporary housemate, boy-next-door, younger brother of Heather’s best friend. They’ve known each other their whole lives—and Rock’s had a thing for her the entire time.

Imagine Heather’s surprise when she comes downstairs on her milestone birthday to find Rock enjoying himself on her sofa—all because he’d been sorely tempted to join her in her shower.

She’s sorely tempted to let him.

And, she does. Later.

First though, Rock’s got a tour planned for her birthday. From the restaurant, to the park bench, to the zip line (that harness has all sorts of possibilities), to the erotic rides on his motorcycle, neither of them will ever forget the day they let their world get ROCKED.

The Guys:

Yes, Ian Somerhalder is Rock, how could he not be? Perfect best-friend’s-younger-brother who you just know had a prank-filled mischief side so he could get the object of his teenage (and adult) fantasies to notice him. I’ll get LOST with him any day!

Max is Eion Macken. I first saw him as Gwain on Merlin and, yup, he can stick me with his sword any time. So when I needed a longer hair, agent-y type, he immediately sprang to mind. (Considers he does a lot of springing in the story, that’s really not a surprise.)

As for Jack, I have no idea who this guy is, but if anyone knows, point me in his direction!

Jack’s, Max’s, and Rock’s stories are available electronically online and the 3-book anthology, Tied with a Bow, will shortly be available in print.


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Hope you get everything you want for your birthday!

Here’s an excerpt from JACKED:

Debra opened her door. There, on her desk, were two vases of flowers. Lilies. Jack knew how much she loved them. He never sent roses. Roses were what every guy sent, but Jack was the most thoughtful man. He’d discovered her favorite flowers were calla lilies and ever since, that’s what he bought her.

But these… there were all different kinds of lilies. There were the callas she loved—a soft pink color—but also tiger lilies and day lilies and a few others she recognized but didn’t know the names of.

She called him. “Thank you. They’re beautiful.”

“Just like you.”

“Thanks, sweetheart.” He could still get her all flustered. Still make her blush. Which was utterly surprising given all they’d done today. “But you might want to call the florist. They goofed.”

“They did?” His lawyer voice crept in.

“Yup. They sent two arrangements. Make sure they don’t charge you double.”

“Hearing you so happy is worth double, Deb.”

“You spoil me.”

“I do. And I’m not complaining. Are you?”

“No way.”

“Good. Let me finish with this brief so I can get the hell out of here and come home to you. You can show me the proper amount of gratitude then.”

“I fully intend to.”

“Oh, hey, one more thing.”

She didn’t know if she could take one more thing. “What?”

“David called. He’s passing through on his way to Nepal for a six-month assignment.”

Deb smiled; David was Jack’s best friend, one they didn’t see nearly often enough. “Is he planning to stop by the house?”

“I told him we’d work him in, but that today was your birthday and we had plans.”

Deb slumped back in her chair, needing to fan herself. The idea of working David in… Jack had told her a few stories about his past. Oh, not specifics, but she knew David was part of that past. She’d suspected he’d been an intimate part of it—Jack had made no secret of the fact that he’d been int threesomes, though he’d never asked that of her.

She’d wondered what she’d say if he did. As long as it was all about the pleasure and not any type of loving relationship, it might be okay.

Or it was another guy.

Nah, Jack would never go for it. He loved her too much to want to share her. And she was okay with that. Some fantasies were best remaining that way.

“What about dinner tomorrow night?” she suggested, coming back to reality. “We could take him to the steakhouse on Weatherby. He might not be able to get a decent tenderloin for the next six months.”

“Sounds good. I did promise he’d get something tasty and memorable while he was here.”


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