It’s Monday. Groan. But we do have music to ease our suffering.

Heather had the great suggestion of posting some songs that have been remade by metal artists. Yeah, that is a great suggestion. Trouble is, I’m not a big fan of most remakes. If I have to hear the Seether remake of Careless Whisper one more time I might shove pencils through my eardrums. Sorry, Seether, I love you guys, but your remake of that song needs to be put out of its misery. I don’t understand why it gets so much playtime on the radio. Apparently, someone likes it A LOT. The video is a cute tribute to the 80s though, so I’ll share it. Just don’t make me listen to it again! *presses mute*

That said, there are some remakes that I do like. (No, Disturbed’s remake of Land of Confusion is not one of them. WTH, Disturbed? I thought you could do no wrong. And then I heard that remake.)

Right. Remakes I actually like.

Cry Little Sister by Seasons After. I love the remake, but I’d never seen the video before. I never thought I’d say this, but it is possible to make vampires not sexy. Huh. Who knew? Rockstar vamps should be the hottest things ever, right? Wrong.

Here’s another remake I’m rather fond of. And this video cracks me up. Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal. Is this where I admit to loving Michael Jackson? I wore my Thriller cassette out in my white Walkman with its protective silver case. That Walkman was about the size, shape and weight of an average brick. And I thought it was the most awesome technological advance evah! Yes, I’m that old.

How about the remake of King of Pain by Mudvayne? I like it.

Heather suggested a few I hadn’t heard. Lacuna Coil’s version of Enjoy the Silence

I like that one too. I think the problem with remakes is I hear the original in my head and the remake sounds “off” to me. So maybe if I’d never heard the original, I’d like the remakes more.

This is a good remake because I can listen to it without hearing Duran Duran playing through my head simultaneously. It was also suggested by Heather–she has good taste. 😉 It’s My Darkest Day’s cover of Coming Undone.

Now for the most unlikely metal cover. Children of Bodom’s remake of Oops I Did It Again. With an awesome guitar solo.

So do you like remakes or not? Do you have any specific remakes that you love? Hate?