Hottie Hump Day 29

OH MY GOD! Trey Mills does exist. *hyperventilates*

So I hear this song on Pandora. It’s called Lollipop (a remake–we have a theme going this week) and I’m like this is TEH AWESOME and needs to be Double Time’s official theme song. Then I go to watch the video and the lead singer is the human incarnate of Trey humina-humina-humina Mills.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Watch video. Is this song perfect for Trey or what?

I’m like, damn, that lead singer is hot. Allow me to find out who he is. Google is my friend. Google images is my even better friend.  *jaw hits floor*

Now view the numminess that is Kenneth Nixon from Framing Hanley.

What? His tongue’s not pierced? Dammit! And he doesn’t have green eyes, but he does have a beer in hand.

Now if only he was a bit older. I’m all for being a cougar, but stalking a 26-year-old is more saber-toothed tiger.