Feeling Your Sting Down Inside Me

Today is a very special Monday. It’s my *mumble mumble*th birthday. Okay, I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m 39 today. The last year of my thirties lies ahead and I predict it will be the best year of my life so far. Especially since I plan to remain 39 for at least two decades.

So I was thinking, who would I most like to serenade me on my birthday? Wow. You’d think that would be a hard decision for me. There are so many fantastic vocalists out there and you all know how much I love music, but for me, this is an easy one.

Godsmack’s Sully Erna. *eyes roll into back of head* Mmmmmm. The man can sing.

Just hearing Sully Erna’s voice does things to my girly bits. Happy, tingly things. Have a listen (I patterned Sed’s voice after his, by the way… Yep, that’s the sound I hear when Sed sings in concert scenes. And water fountain scenes. And doing me–I mean Jessica–upside down over the edge of a bed scenes. Hell yeah!)

Oh my…

C.B. sent me a whole bunch of hotties for my birthday (via email, not overnight mail in a box unfortunately…) and I’ll share some on Hump Day, but I had to share my fave today, because it’s better than cake and burns calories.

Yeah, you are.

And now I need more Godsmack.

That hits the spot.

Also, I finished writing Tempt Me last night. My editor should be able to get to it next week, so it will be released before the end of August. Yay! Every time I finish writing a book, it gives me such an incredible rush. Even though I know there will be more of Adam and Madison’s story to come later, reaching the end of a book rocks.  So I’d say that’s the best gift I could possibly give myself.

Are you ready for more  Sole Regret?

Now I’m anxious to finish Jacob’s, aka Shade’s, story. He’s been demanding I do so all week. Keep your shirt on Shade. On second thought…