Fiddle Inside Your Drawers

It’s Monday. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm.

This week I’m featuring Chevelle. Love their music. Can’t understand their lyrics for the life of me, but that’s okay… I just make up my own anyway.

First we have Face To the Floor.

Another good one is Hats Off to the Bull

Jars is one of my favorites. Again I can’t figure out the lyrics… Something about saving earth int0 jars. Still love it!

This one is great for rocking out. Lyrics? No freakin’ clue… The brain needs oxygen and la la la. Now saturate. And TOUCH! or BEYOND! I don’t know. Anyway. This is The Clincher.

A song just for my most tortured hero, Jace. Send the Pain Below.

And one more, because frankly, Chevelle is consistently awesome! Here’s I Get It.

Wouldn’t you love to do that to all the jackasses in the world. I know a few jerks I’d go “evil clown” on.

If you don’t have their CDs, check them out. You honestly can’t go wrong with Chevelle.

Have a great week!