Hottie Hump Day 33

Happy Hump Day. Thanks to Labor Day, Wednesday seems early this week.

Not sure if there’s a theme this week.

If you can come up with one, I’m okay with that. 🙂 I’m just posting random hotties. I’m crazy that way.

That guy almost made last week’s line-up, but there wasn’t enough hair showing. 😉

This guy appears to be really good with pussies. I approve!  Even though he stole my cat, Sphinx.

This one makes me want to play a game of “trace the tats with my tongue”.

Never thought I’d say this, but that guitar has to go.

What is with his facial expression? I have to wonder if there is something gross on the floor. I hope he’s wearing flip-flops in that shower.

Okay, on closer inspection they do have something in common. What would you say it is?