Wild Under the Covers

It’s Monday again. I had a busy weekend of writing. Didn’t really leave the house much except in my imagination and to buy ingredients to make sesame chicken (oh, it was goooood, so worth the excursion). The next Sole Regret book, Take Me, is about half written already, because a certain lead singer won’t shut up. Shade keeps surprising the hell out of me. I’m crushing on him so hard.

Okay, enough about fictional musicians. Let’s see some real ones. This Monday features one of the naughtiest bands of hotties on the current music scene. My Darkest Days.

While gawking at the above picture is all well and good, I’d much rather watch them in action. Warning! This first video is NOT safe for work. I’ll post the censored version too, so you don’t have to miss out on the music. This is Casual Sex.

Same song with fewer boobs and more censorship bars.

Another sexy song. Move Your Body.

And another. Porn Star Dancing.

And just so you don’t think all of their songs are about sex (darn…), here’s Every Lie.

I think these guys might make a reappearance on Wednesday. Just sayin’…