Hottie Hump Day 35

Rock star hotties, just like I promised on Monday. 🙂 And then a special surprise at the end, but take your time getting there.

First the group photo. It’s My Darkest Days if you missed Music Monday.


Now let’s check out the members one-by-one. I mean the band members. Sheesh! Pervs.

Lead Singer Matt.


Now we all know I have a thing for lead guitarists. If you didn’t know that, well I’m telling you. I HAVE A THING FOR LEAD GUITARISTS.

So lead guitarist Sal gets more play. Sorry. Can’t help myself.


And… because we need abs…


Okay. Bassist Brendan.


Drummer Doug.


And keyboardist/guitarist Reid. (I love the name Reid. Must name a character that some day.)


Which poses the question…

Which of these hotties would you most like to do this to?


Have a great Hump Day!

…rock stars…