30 Nights Until Double Time

30 more nights! Yay! Reviews are starting to come in for Double Time on Goodreads. When one of my books first comes out, I can’t help but check out every review and see if people like the book. It’s a rather nerve-racking time. Once the book is out in the world, you can’t take it back. *cringe* So far lots of reviewers like it. *schwew!*

In one of the reviews (by Holly), I found a picture of this very delicious man, who is her image of Trey. Mmmm. I approve.

 The original inspiration for Trey, when I first started writing Backstage Pass, was… this guy. Do you know who he is?

In the Sinners band logo, he’s this random guy.

And on the Sinner’s Chat Blog (which the Sinners have been ignoring for months *cough*), we have this guy as Trey.

Through the years, Trey has been represented by all these different models at least once.

I think the problem is, NO ONE holds a candle to the Trey in my mind.

Though there is this guy…

I still think Kenneth Nixon is a pretty good representation of Trey Mills. It’s the personality mostly. Totally Trey.

So we’re looking for a naughty hottie with long bangs, sexy green eyes, and piercings in all the right places. Oh and a smile that will melt the panties right off your body.

Who is your Trey? Do you need a picture or do you prefer to make him up in your head?