25 Nights Until Double Time

25 more nights until the release of Double Time! I have an editing-intensive weekend in store for me.

This afternoon I spent several hours doing this.

Yep, that’s my mobile office. A clipboard on the beach. Have I mentioned how much I love Galveston recently? I’m so glad I moved here. I’ll be finishing Take Me’s manuscript this weekend. There are a few scenes still missing, but it’s almost done! I can’t give a definitive release date, but should be later this month.

Another thing I’m doing this weekend is scouring over the final, final, FINAL proof pages of this book:

It will be nice to read this one again. I can’t decide which Sinners book is my favorite, but Jace’s book was the toughest to write. It has a special place in the darkest corners of my heart.

I thought I’d share a hottie tonight too, since I’ve been focusing on Sole Regret for most of the evening. Someone (and forgive me for not remembering who) sent me this photo on twitter. THIS is my new inspiration for Kellen, aka Cuff.

Hello! That is one fine set of iliac crests you have going on there, Mr. Kellen. We are all grateful that you insist on never wearing a shirt. And like to tie us up and do naughty things to us…

I need to get my edit work finished now. Have a great Friday night!