24 Nights Until Double Time

I am so not focused on Double Time‘s release this weekend. I apologize. I’m completely swamped with both of my full time jobs–the writing one and the day job.

I just finished Take Me, which is #3 in the One Night with Sole Regret series. By just finished it, I mean at 10:30 tonight. I have been working on it all day since 8 o’clock this morning. That’s a 14 1/2 hour day. I’m exhausted. I do need to read through it one last time before I send it off to my editor. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t need much work in revisions. *crosses fingers* Due to the day job, I honestly can’t find time to write during the week. I’ve become a weekend writer. It’s driving me nuts to not have any time off!

While I’ve been toiling away at Take Me, I’ve been a bit worried about the next book in the series, Touch Me. I knew it was about Owen and I knew that there would be a sex club in San Antonio involved, but I had no idea who the heroine would be. As I typed the last few sentences of Take Me this afternoon, the entire plot for Touch Me came to me all at once. What a relief! Hopefully, I can start on that book while my editor works on edits for Take Me. Or maybe I’ll take a day off. Nah, I’ve forgotten what those are.

But here’s the cover for Touch Me. What do you think of it?

Oh, and we have 24 more nights until Double Time is finally released. Yay!

I’ll be busy again all day tomorrow. Don’t wait up!