23 Nights Until Double Time

23 nights until Double Time.

Another long day of work, work, work for me. I finished my galley proof pages for Hot Ticket and no matter how many times I read that book it makes me cry. God, I love Jace. I found 31 corrections that needed to be made. And I probably still missed a few. Editing is hard. I’m more of a CAN see the forest through the trees sort of person. I can’t see the frickin’ trees at all. So finding misplaced leaves on those trees is a challenge. For instance, I had this in a sentence: he had another think coming. I missed it in my 20 previous read-throughs. 4 beta readers missed it. 3 editors and a proof-reader missed it. Today I actually caught it. Your brain does this thing where it sees what is supposed to be there instead of what is actually there. I’m sure I missed other things. My brain is now fried from doing the nit-picky detail work. But I got it done. My deadline to send my corrections back to the publisher? Tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Oh procrastination, you’ll be the death of me.

I also did some more work on Take Me.  I’ll have to get up early and finish it because I need to get it off to the editor tomorrow. SO I’m busy, but I do like checking huge projects off my to-do list.

And I love checking days off my Double Time countdown.

Is tomorrow really Monday already? Ugh!