19 Nights Until Double Time

We’re down to 19 more nights. I have a few exciting announcements to make. Well, exciting for me, I’m not sure about for the rest of you.

The Sinners on Tour series will be available in audio book form. I have no idea on the release dates, but COOL! or HOT! So this got me thinking. a) How embarrassing would it be to have to narrate those books? b) Can I get sued if someone drives off the road while listening to those audio books?

I am reminded of this episode of Family Guy.

Rock Hard will be released in Spanish soon. Backstage Pass is already available in Spanish. I can’t wait to see the cover!

Both Backstage Pass and Rock Hard will be available in Polish as well. It’s so cool that my books are being translated into different languages.

One more announcement, the title of Eric’s book has been changed to In Rhythm. I need to update my website.

Do you listen to audio books? Would you listen to Sinners?

See you tomorrow night. Friday!!!!