18 Nights Until Double Time

18 nights to go! I feel like sharing an excerpt from Double Time tonight. When Ethan meets Trey.


“Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise,” Trey said, his gaze raking down Ethan’s body. Yeah, this hunk of hotness was not everything Reagan thought he was. She hadn’t been able to accept Ethan’s sexuality. She wouldn’t be able to accept this new guy’s either.
“How come you haven’t mentioned Trey before?” Ethan asked Reagan.
Her cheeks went pink again. The woman cursed like a sailor, but talking about her love interests made her blush. “Well, I just met him today.”
“Moving a little fast, aren’t you?”
Reagan scowled at him and then smacked him in the arm. “Shut up. If you try to mess this up for me I’ll shave your head in your sleep and superglue the hair to your balls.”
Ethan knew she’d do it, too.
Trey’s sexy green eyes began to roam the apartment. He draped an arm around Reagan’s narrow waist and rested his hand on her hip as if getting comfortable to stand there for a while. Apparently he realized that Ethan was on a mission to keep Reagan out of her bedroom for as long as possible.

“So tell me about the audition,” Ethan said to Reagan, trying not to stare at Trey’s mouth. The man had a beautiful mouth. A beautiful mouth that would look phenomenal wrapped around Ethan’s hard, thick…

Reagan’s eyes widened and she went animated. The way she reacted when she was really excited about something. Ethan loved to get her excited. “Oh my God, can you believe it? They liked my playing so much they didn’t even finish listening to all the contestants. I’m going out on tour with Exodus End in three weeks.”
“And Sinners,” Trey added absently. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a red lollipop. He unwrapped it and stuck it in that beautiful mouth of his. Ethan’s belly clenched and his cock stirred to life.
Reagan looked up at Trey in question. “Sinners?”
“Yeah, we’re co-headlining with Exodus End this tour.”
“You mean we’re going to be on tour together?” she said, the pitch of her voice rising with each word.
“Dare didn’t mention that?”
“No,” she squealed and bounced up and down on the balls of her feet.
Ethan chuckled. She was so adorable when she was excited.
“Such a fucktard,” Trey commented and tugged the sucker out of his mouth.
Ethan practically felt the tug of Trey’s suction on the head of his cock. Mercy, the man was sensual. And judging by the sidelong glance he offered Ethan, he knew it.
Reagan hugged Trey, her entire body trembling with excitement. “And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better.”
“Your night’s going to get a whole lot better,” he murmured into her ear. “If we ever make it to the bedroom.” He lifted his gaze just enough to catch Ethan staring at him. He grinned crookedly and then sucked that lollipop back into his mouth.

Ethan stifled a groan. “So you’re in a band too?” Ethan asked.
Reagan spun around to gape at him. “This is Trey,” she said, shaking her head at Ethan. “Trey Mills. Ethan, get your brain out of cold storage. I talk about the guitarists of Sinners constantly. How talented they are. Do you ever listen to a word I say?”
Ethan racked his brain for a name he’d heard amongst Reagan’s ceaseless prattling about guitarists and could only come up with, “Brian Saint Claire?”
“Brian Sinclair,” Reagan said and rolled her eyes at him. “Brian’s the lead guitarist for Sinners. Trey is rhythm.”
Rhythm? Ethan bet the man knew quite a few things about rhythm, and if not, Ethan would be more than happy to show him.