16 Nights Until Double Time

I took the day off and went to Moody Gardens here in Galveston, TX.

There is a different exhibit in each of the three pyramids. The blue one has an amazing aquarium. With penguins and seals and sea turtles and sharks and thousands of fish.

My favorite is the white pyramid which has a rain forest. The thing that’s cool about it is that the animals are loose in the area with you. These monkeys were running around all over the place. Sooooo cool!

And there are all sorts of birds flying around, so watch for falling poo!

After the rain forest pyramid, we took a ride on a paddle-wheel boat. Galveston bay is gorgeous!

This is where we had lunch, but you can see the paddle-wheel boat in the distance.

Anyway, while we were on the paddle-wheel boat, I got an email from my editor about Take Me. It doesn’t need much revision work. YAY! So hopefully it will be released at the end of this week. I’ll be sure to announce when it’s available. So excited!!!


So I had an overall great day, even if I didn’t get any writing done.

And there are 16 nights until Double Time comes out. Excited about that too!