15 Nights Until Double Time

I’m posting a bit early today, because we need your help deciding on a title for Eric’s book in the Sinners on Tour series.

Go here: http://www.discoveranewlove.com/blog/opinion/your-opinion-olivia-cunning-title-vote.html before midnight tonight and vote on your favorite title. If none of those titles appeal to you, you can suggest titles in the comment section.

It’s also music monday, so we need a song for Double Time’s playlist.

This is Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin. I can’t remember who suggested it in the comments, but yeah, I think it’s a great addition!

Have a great day! I’m still at work. Until 7:30. Bleh! I don’t even have access to my countdown covers  here, so I’ll add it later.

In the meantime, comfort yourself by staring at Breaking Benjamin’s lead singer, Benjamin Burnley. I love his shirt!

And don’t forget to vote or weigh in on titles! I appreciate it!