13 Nights Until Double Time

The day job chewed me up and spit me out today. Ugh!

So we decided to go to Golden Corral and have a buffet dinner so I didn’t have to cook. I ate way too much. Double ugh!

But there are only 13 nights until Double Time. The only thing I have to report tonight is that Backstage Pass will be translated into Turkish.

I’m too tired to be charming and witty right now. Sorry.

Oh, my editor assures me she will have Take Me done tonight. I have one scene to alter and type-o stuff to fix, but overall it shouldn’t take me long to get it ready for publication. I’m shooting for Friday, but it might be as late as Sunday. A lot will depend on how much of my soul the day job sucks out of me tomorrow and Friday.

I do hope to become a full-time author in 2013. Won’t that be wonderful? For me it will be! And if you like to read my books, it will be for you too. Otherwise I have no idea when I’ll have time to get the Exodus End books written.

Maybe I’ll have a clone made. We have that technology, don’t we? She can go to work and pay the bills, while I enjoy the beach and write.

Do you have a day job? Would you still work if you didn’t need the income? I’m taking an informal survey. 🙂